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February 02, 2019

We continue to explain the key differences between the comprehensive Bilstein range in basic terms. Today we will look at the Bilstein B6 and the Bilstein B8.

At a quick glance the B6 and B8 range look identical but they have a very important difference.

Can you see it? The B8 is shorter than the B6.

The Bilstein B6 are a performance damper. They have the same overall length as the original equipment (OE) damper and are perfect if you want a sporty ride without lowering your car. You use the B6 with your OE springs or the Bilstein B3 springs if you are replacing them also.

The B8 is designed to be used exclusively with lowering springs or vehicles that are fitted with a lowered suspension from the manufacturer like Mercedes AMG models.

Lowering springs are shorter than OE springs. When you fit springs to the damper they need to compressed slightly so they are fitted tight on the damper. This is called pre tension. Without pre tension the spring could dislocate while driving which could result in losing control of the vehicle and a nasty accident.

So if you are think about fitting lowering springs Bilstein B8 is the best option.


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