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Vehicle suspension control


As factory-fitted to many Mercedes Benz models, the BILSTEIN DampMatic® range offers exceptional levels of safety and control. Limousine levels of ride quality and instant chassis response come from the unit’s automatic damping force adjustment. Under spirited driving, the damper rate firms up for total driving enjoyment and enhanced vehicle stability. At lower speeds and on smoother surfaces, the suspension remains compliant and cossetting. The best of both worlds to ensure your vehicle is ready for every driving situation. Enjoy the comfort and control of BILSTEIN.

  • For all vehicles that are equipped with DampMatic® as a standard.



BILSTEIN Damptronic® is an active damping system that integrates seamlessly with the OEM electronics on your car. As a Plug & Play solution it works perfectly with any factory-fitted adjustment systems, off ering peerless driving dynamics. In-built sensors monitor vibrations and movement, immediately relaying dynamic information to your car’s ECU – and then instantaneously through to each damper, adjusting it to your driving situation. Whether you’re flat-out on track or cruising the highway, you will always have optimum traction, stability and safety.




Experience the ultimate in driving pleasure and get the most out of every curve. BILSTEIN ridecontrol® allows you to adjust the performance of your suspension system on the move, allowing it to adapt to any driving situation in an instant. Switch instantly from ‘Comfort’ to ‘Sport’ at the touch of a button, where Comfort smooths out bumps and undulations and Sport offers peerless driving dynamics and high damping reserves at the stability limit. With BILSTEIN ridecontrol®, there are simply no compromises. You get the complete package and are always in total control.

  • An electric system enables adjustment by pressing a button on the dashboard
  • Seamlessly instantaneous switching from the comfortable “Normal” mode to the ambitious “Sport”-Setting



The BILSTEIN-App for active suspension control.

  • Comfortable and individual suspension setting via smartphone
  • Precision adjustment of the three preset auto-modes (Comfort, Normal and Sport) by varying the acceleration thresholds, switching times and filter parameters to create an individual suspension setting
  • Storage of individual suspension settings possible
  • Compatible with all BILSTEIN RC suspensions