November 29, 2018

If you own a Mk7 VW Golf you may notice your rear suspension has started to get noisy. Drivers have been reporting an annoying knocking noise from the rear of the car. We understand this affects Mk7 Golfs with multilink rear suspension.

The cause has been identified as the OE rear shock absorbers. if you tap the damper you will clearly hear the knocking.


This can be easily fixed by fitting Bilstein dampers. The B4 damper part number is 19-230559 and is in high demand. So much so that Bilstein UK are now out of stock. (November 18) The next delivery is not scheduled to arrive until February 2019. are trying to secure additional stock to serve our customers until the next delivery in 2019.

Currently we have 6 dampers in stock. (November 18) If you are looking to fix the knocking noise then please do not delay as these are one of our best sellers.

You can purchase them here:


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