Bilstein Clubsport Overview

July 15, 2015

The top of the range kit from Bilstein. The Bilstein Club sport kit is a fully street legal suspension system.

It’s primarily designed for the fields of motorsport and clubsport. Using the time tested Mono tube gas pressure technology engineered to the highest possible level.

This kit can be fine-tuned to suit your requirements. It features separate adjustments of the rebound and compression phases using 2 clearly visible aluminium adjusters with an easily read scale of 1 (hard) to 10 (soft) on the shock absorber. The Red adjuster is for the rebound phase and the Blue is for compression phase. This means 100 setting variations can all be achieved without removing the suspension.

It’s also the only kit in the Bilstein range to feature camber adjustment with a uniball bearing. The kit comes with high quality sport springs made from high strength material.

This kit looks as good as it performs thanks to the Triple-C technology for long lasting corrosion resistance.


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